The Future of Efficient Cup Arrangement

Introducing the Challenger 200P-2, a revolutionary leap in post-filling production. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, this machine is the epitome of automation in cup collection and arrangement.

Embrace a new age of efficient production with the Challenger 200P-2 – where automation meets perfection.

01 Advanced Robotic System

At the heart of the 200P-2 lies a cutting-edge robotic system. It deftly collects filled cups, organizing and placing them meticulously on trays. This reduces the need for manual handling and significantly cuts down on potential human errors.

02 Tailored for High-Speed Production

Built to complement fast-paced environments, the 200P-2 excels in scenarios with vast output requirements. With a staggering capacity to handle up to 25,000 cups per hour, it seamlessly aligns with high-output filling machines, ensuring no bottleneck in the production line.

03 Cost-Effective & Safe

One of the 200P-2’s prime advantages is its positive impact on operational costs. By automating the collection and arrangement process, factories can allocate human resources more efficiently. Moreover, by minimizing manual interventions, the risk of accidents and mishandlings is significantly reduced.

04 Streamlined & Reliable

Every component of the 200P-2 has been crafted to ensure reliability. It guarantees consistent performance, tray after tray, hour after hour.