Linear Automatic Filling Machine 200B-3

Challenger Filling 200B-3


Fully Automatic


Linear Fully Automatic


Liquid or Paste Products

Challenger filling plastic
Challenger jar Filling

Product Information

Full Automatic Machine For Filling and sealing and capping Tehena or any liquid or semi pasty products in plastic jars  it’s seven working stage 

  1. rotary table for empty jars
  2. hot air for cleaning 
  3. filling unit
  4. sealing unit
  5. capping unit 
  6. capping pressing 
  7. Exiting to collecting table

with capacity up 2500 to 3000 /h.

More Benefits

Set of parts for different filling products ,Liquid or pasty.

Additional working stations.

CIP reception.

Set of parts for different cups dimensions or shapes .